Monday, August 5, 2019

Still life masterpiece

                                                                                    Artist: Vincent Van Gogh 
Image:  Three Sunflowers(here)

The somonka is a Japanese form.
It’s basically two tankas.

Van Gogh masterpiece
From two series of still life
Classic depiction
Pity life span is short but
time enough to appreciate

Laid out to be seen
In rows of flower beds but
static movements
Imposed by the sun's influence
Amidst blue canal waters

Chevrefeuille's Carpe Diem 1717 - sunflowers


  1. the closing two lines really work their magic in this piece - definitely makes you stop and consider smelling, the sunflowers ... (and yes, they do have their own scents - what doesn't?)

    interesting interpretation Hank :)

  2. Nice!
    Plus sunflowers give us food. Double bonus.

  3. Excellent Hank. Have been off line for a while but hopefully back now. Thanks for coming by last week.


  4. I like the way the tanka are linked through van Gogh and the blue canal waters, Hank.

  5. Sure take the time to appreciate even if only around for a little while.