Friday, August 30, 2019

City life so they did say

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Image: Happens daily always at the
same time and the same place (here)

"I liked the rush, I liked the crunch.
Never did look back at the fallout.”
Not cowed nor bothered
Never been shouted at nor having to shout

City life so they did say
Never felt intimidated nor threatened
Part of a daily routine
Never rattled just an inconvenience

So why all the unruly behaviour
Never wanting to show anger but a smile
Shown the middle finger
Never to trigger off a tiff but tolerance for a while

Just a nick at the fender
Never could take it like a gentleman
Rush hour madness
Never the same for everyone

Dylan's MLMM First Line Friday


  1. Never the same for everyone... so true. I appreciate the narrators unflappable attitude.

  2. Yep, so much can go on in rush hour when all are rushing but going nowhere.

  3. I was brought up in a city but it wasn't until I lived on the coast that I knew there was peace and quiet.
    Loved the read Hank.


  4. Yep that city life is not for sissy's LOL Love this Hank!

  5. I don't deal much with rush hour now that I live in interior Alaska, and to tell you the truth, I don't miss it. Very nicely penned.

  6. Ugh to rush hour traffic, everyone going somewhere yet it feels like nowhere.

    Hi Hank