Saturday, August 24, 2019

brush it into oblivion right across

                                                                                                           Attribution: Ali Falak
Image:   Erasing images from the eyes (here)

woken up from a lingering dream
disturbed from images dancing in front of her eyes
wash it off from its perch
that was what grandma told her once
it worked before without promptings
but to no avail this time around

brush it into oblivion right across
small brush would do the simple job
self-fulfilling warmth of conflict resolution
set in front of the eyes

on reflection, it invoked lots of questions
why her!
which was the connection with her being
what wrong had she committed deserving of this
when was it ingrained unto her
where physically was the intrusion

it was irritating to the mind
was it punishment outright
or reward with options in the future

thinking aloud she confidently whispered to herself

get things that people favour to make them happy
not to favour people who get things yet feel unhappy

Carrie's from Sunday Muse #70
Kerry's at Real Toad's  with
Mary's Mixed Bag  -  connections


  1. Most thought provoking Hank, loved the read.


  2. I like the subtle repetitions in this descriptive piece, Hank.

  3. "Brush it into oblivion" what a powerful image your words have captured Hank! I love this! Amazing write!!

  4. This is a powerful creeps in and settles :)

  5. I think the most common deception is deception of self.

  6. Hoping it's all about the reward, Hank!

  7. Yes, I like Grandma's advice...Deception is a maze we all must find our way through.

  8. Hi Hank,

    This one resonates with me, those dreams that awaken one from the depth of night. Sometimes, I want to erase the dreams before my eyes.

    I think it's better to help someone when one expects no type of reward.

  9. It would be so nice to wipe away nightmarish dreams.

  10. Such a strong poem, Hank. Read it several times :)