Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rightly a special day for all to endeavor

                                                                            Author Rhoda Baer (Photographer)
Image: Clasping More than just Holding (here)

What it might create is something
That goes through varied human feelings
A sign of warmness open to loving
Ever welcoming prior to snuggling

It may not be that intimate generally
As long as it leaves everyone happy
Often coupled with loads of kindness
Extended with care and much finesse

Blind to social position or anxiety of color
Young and old both make it most popular
Whatever the make-up is not such a bother
Poems conform to a varied thinking endeavor

Note:  August 9th is officially the
National Hand Holding Day

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- celebrate with me today
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  1. Nice line and goal worth achieving: "As long as it leaves everyone happy"

  2. Happiness is a fine goal--even if the happiness is for the skill of a very sad subject. Thank you for the insightful comment you left on my poem.

  3. I love this happiness and unity poem. So nicely done Hank...

  4. Words Hank wonderfully expressed. Thank you.


  5. Such a warm and compassionate piece

  6. Happy together or a lone however one sees fit.

  7. And even just a handshake says so much.

  8. Ah yes.....Hand holding takes two. Hand wringing, with an entirely different feeling/mood/emotion, takes only one.
    Really enjoyed this post!

  9. I've alway been a hand holder & hugger, although some people do not like having their space invaded.

  10. "Blind to social position or anxiety of color"...nice, the way it should be.

  11. A wonderful invocation of the spirit of National Hand Holding day!

  12. Love this.. I think we need a bit of closeness everyone... (as long as it's not uninvited)