Saturday, January 13, 2018

Decked with controversy of office

                                                                                        Author Brocken Inaglory
Image: One Must Tow the Line
- follow the leader (here)

He was at the end of his tether
Wither the trouble-maker
Bother to him but not to some
Done without tact
Lack of a purpose
Serve it on a platter
Prefer to maintain the status quo
Blow to the dignity of mankind
Find a sucker
Deter the tendency
Possibility of a fight-back
Decked with controversy of office
Pissed by office politics
Peaked when the boss resigned
Time wasting when looking for a replacement
Even a simple task may adversely create
Dictates of paralysis
Insist on tact and virtues
Choose a matured office culture
Never to be upstaged anymore

Marian's at Real Toad's  -  Fussy
Little Forms: - chained rhyme


  1. I really enjoyed this Hank, most cleverly written.
    Have a good day.


  2. I read this aloud and it turned into a rhythmic rap, Hank! I like the alliteration in:
    'Pissed by office politics
    Peaked when the boss resigned'
    and the chain rhyme in:
    'Dictates of paralysis
    Insist on tact and virtues'.

  3. Office politics sure can suck, on them we pass the buck. So glad we work alone now.

  4. Yeah, I really love the creative and slanty rhymes in this, Hank! And I can relate to the subject matter, so much so that my mind immediately created a different line following "find a sucker" :) But then I was so charmed by the rhyme with deter! Awesome. And that photo is the perfect partner for these thoughts. Well done.

  5. The power game in office piss me off as well.... good writing and use of rhymes

  6. Staff politics drove me crazy and I could never understand why adults acted more like children than children. I refused to take part.
    One of the bonuses of retirement is being away from that.
    Anna :o]

  7. That is office politics all right. I'd rather be that turtle.

  8. Office politics - ugh - to that game.

  9. Thankfully working for myself I'm the only one in the office. Your poem fills me with gratitude for that very thing.

  10. Oh those office politics. I cringe at the mere thought of them. They are the worst of the games people play ... and almost impossible to win.

  11. May we all have this matured office environment, withunderstanding colleagues and zero politics :D

  12. Hank, this makes me more glad that I'm retired. Most jobs I've been on have had this, you described the emotions involved well.

  13. So happy to be out of it all, happily retired

    my response to this prompt

    much love...

  14. I understand all too well Hank. I wish I could say I was retired, but I have at least 10 more years ahead. Love the way you went with your chained rhyme!