Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Aspects of lifestyle revealed

                                                                                      Attribution: Tangopaso
Image: Golden Mirror on the Wall (here)

Through the looking glass
Aspects of lifestyle revealed
Much of hard facts in the past
Recounted seen and sealed

Through the mirrored images
Dorian Gray set to gradually age
Not seen by eyes but set to amaze
Wonder of living picture in its place

Through mirror, mirror on the wall
Arrogance of beauty stamped its mark
Who was then the fairest of them all
Humility invoked spiced with lots of luck

Bjorn at d'Verse's: Poetics -
through the looking glass


  1. What a great subject to write about Hank. Wonderful read.


  2. That Dorian Gray painting/mirror at least gives one hope of finding some of the truth if we see clearly.

  3. The fairest of all depends on when you are looking.

  4. Yes Dorian Gray is such a great image of a mirror telling the truth... even below what's skin-deep

  5. Can be a when or who and you may not get a clear view

  6. One of my favorite classics, Dorian Gray.

  7. I need a mirror like Dorian Gray had!

  8. Love the three stories with mirrors referenced: Alice, Dorian Gray (the painting being his true mirror) and Snow White. Cool poem. (And ditto what Bekkie said -- be nice to have Dorian's mirror/painting as long as it doesn't turn me evil)