Friday, December 29, 2017

What would I desire?

                                                                                                       Attribution: Joi
Image:Golden Bracelets for the Picking (here)

What would I desire?
It would be telling on what I aspire
Would I need more
More than before?

No, I have enough to come by
Though there were occasions I would cry
My wants might be limited
Confined to those I had needed

More I would need to spend
Suffice to survive on a limited stipend
It would come a long way if able
I would desire to be more comfortable

Besides it would be something luxurious
Having more resources but not hilarious
But just able to give back to society
Not to the point of pockets being empty

Marian's at Real Toads -  aspire


  1. A nice show of differences between needs and wants. I liked your build up and justification for the wants. It reminded me of the Rolling Stones song, especially these two lines of theirs:
    "But if you try sometimes, yeah
    You might find you get what you need

    1. Plus your picture reminded me of the reels and reels of mag tapes for the old main frame computers we used.

  2. Great poem Hank, I think health is more important than wealth .
    Enjoy your weekend.


  3. your are invited to link in to this year's celebration of 12 Days of Christmas
    Best Wishes for the New Year

    much love...

  4. A little bit of giving back to society can make a big difference. Great!

  5. Sure a big difference between needs and wants, being able to give back is always a win indeed.

  6. We do not need much really... but we might still want more...and more... we are bad at making limits for ourselves.

  7. This is really perfect... a little more might make for better comfort, and the ability to pay it forward. Warmest wishes to you for 2018, Hank!

  8. Ah.. wanting a little more can't hurt :) Beautifully executed.

  9. Sometimes "wants" over ride "needs" more but just go a little bit of "wants" cannot hurt you.