Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Kashmiri Landscape

                                                                                                                 Author: Madhumita Das           
Image: House-boats on Dal Lake, Srinagar (here)

The Wordle of 10 given words:
swim, drink, stories look, bubbly, 
sage, sprinkler, music, broken, violet

The Kashmiri landscape 
it left a fragment in his heart
An experience etched within for a few days
but the memory is sustained forever

Why must the lure of a short span
be carried for a lifetime
Jammu and Kashmir to see is to believe

He touched down a few days ago
He had intended to stay on longer
perhaps a swim in the drink
Bent on seeing his childhood
yearnings fulfilled in this land
of heavenly paradise
He had heard stories told of
abundance of leisurely escapades
like beauty of colours on canvas 
to savour all by himself

He was lucky to stay in a house-boat
the charm of his ideals
Would look good of his bubbly self
A sage of sorts on vacation
Refreshments and meals provided
The house-boat owner saw to that

He was curious of Dal Lake of
Gulmarg and Pahalgam, 
a fascination!

Warned to be wary of political discontent
Marauding groups fighting for a voice
A sprinkler of simmering political scene
Independence separation or whatever
but he did not see any

What he saw were streams of
clear spring waters gushing
down the hill sides shooting colours
of rainbow in the cool breeze
Music to the ear broken only
by sprays glittering in bright sun rays
and peeping over snow-capped mountain tops
Dainty little brooks or expanse of waters
Watering the lush green meandering
around boulders on both sides of
country roads

Spied beautiful maidens with rosy cheeks
Manning little stalls in all innocence
Offering fruits and food to the hungry tourists
Beside them were pelts of leopards and
Bengal tigers and myriads of leather goods

What did he do wrong to be requested home
What was so pressing that his presence was needed
That he could not fathom

He had to leave bidding farewell
To the grand Kashmiri landscape
Of violet blue yellow and maroon
Colours of flowers enhancing the beauty

Though he felt upon ascending
through the clouds he saw Srinagar 
beckoning from below 
wanting for a fragment
of his time again in heaven's name

He is bound to come again
for another visit
That he so decided!

Hank experienced the Kashmiri 
hospitality for a few days a long time ago

MMT with a Wordle at The Whirligig#347
Laura at d'Verse , MTB, picking up the pieces


  1. For the chance to escape the world and retreat, even if for only a little while, peaceful nature...

  2. Hank what a beautiful travelogue. I can see it is still vivid in your mind even though it happened a long time ago.

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure Hank!

  4. these are striking impressions of the landscape Hank- fragments of memories still in your heart
    p.s. as per the rule, Fragments of The Kashmiri Landscape sounds just right! ;)

  5. My goodness this is absolutely beautiful, Hank! 💝💝

  6. Hank this is spectacular! A story/poem/multiple word usage/really nice write!!!!

  7. An exotic get-away...hope you can again!

  8. I am in the half-sleep insomniac bloom of zolpidem, but I like your work. I will return when I am once again razored out to write a ringing comment! ✌🏼❤️

  9. This is so good... it gives the impression of being part of a travel journal.