Sunday, November 28, 2021

Nonchalantly in their own world

                                                                                                            Author: anon
Image: People Sitting in the Subway (here)

People sitting in the Subway
No different Subway, Metro  or Underground
Nonchalantly in their own world

'Please leave me be' a picture of relief
Able to steal a moment of silence
A shuteye for most of them
Tiredness impacting on tired souls
The best place to be having a rest

The more alert brushing through the daily
Irrespective of the news just reading
Others holding onto the strap
Staring in mid-air or at someone
With a stern face or unwittingly smiling
No matter what on their minds
until the next stop

A sudden opening a mad rush
Pandemonium a split second
Going out or rushing in
And it was all over just as fast

Same scenario everyday of the week
Looking at the same face
Meeting the same people at each stop
Getting down together
Still not knowing each other
Happy to act and remain - complete strangers!
Period! Life is such. 

Carrie at Sunday Muse#188


  1. We are all so lost in our own worlds...

  2. I second what Qbit so eloquently pointed out. You have captured the image and humanities behavior wonderfully here Hank.

  3. Getting down together
    Still not knowing each other

    sums it up perfectly

  4. "How to relax when doing the subway thing."
    Your "No different Subway, Metro or Underground," I'll
    go for the London Tube. Been there sooo many times.
    Nice to see you here, Hank. Love reading your writes.