Monday, July 22, 2019

it could have been swell

                                                                                         Author  Carlosdisogra
Image:   Vanilla sponge cake with
whipped cream and peaches (here)

11 of 12 given words:
Who are you scream break apart shovel converge specific
barmecidal (giving only the illusion of plenty; illusory)
station help water
anosmic (absence or loss of the sense of smell)

who are you to scream that we break apart
we shoveled hard to create the big mole-hill
we converged on specific issues despite bad starts
at times barmecidal but we managed the feel

secured in our station without help of others
are we to throw these sacrifices to the winds
lots of water gone under the bridge and rafters
through sincere efforts and small beginnings

let us not act anosmic but look forward to smell
the success that we strived with so much at stake
it had been a long night it could have been swell
if not for my mother's wry smile for your burnt cake

MLMM's Wordle #143
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #487


  1. I once made a cake explode! Great use of a tricky Wordle

  2. I like the speaker's conviction, the heat of his resolve... as he tries to salvage a seemingly lost situation. The first stanza is just awesome, especially the third line--converge and push again and again, indeed.

  3. I like "we converged on specific issues despite bad starts." That is an accomplishment. That cake looks rather delicious!

  4. Keep on a going, even if the end result burns

  5. Nicely done Hank, great use of the words.

  6. I agree with everyone, you used these words so well. I also like the story you tell of a cake project falling apart. But, the picture of that cake made me salivate. Yum.

  7. On my tenth birthday, the cake fell apart. I didn't really care, but my parents made such a deal of it that I ended up in tears.