Saturday, January 12, 2019

not contending to exert authority

                                                                                              Author Zeynel Cebeci
Image: Despite in hues of black
and white but still beautiful (here)

To include the line:
'the skyscraper kissed the sky'
in a play of personification

not contending to exert authority
as a show off among the high and mighty
the skyscraper kissed the sky
belittling others sprouting up high

not unlike the flashy peacock's stance
in colors, regalia decked and fully enhanced
some are thrust with such blessings
not their intention to go with slight teasings

beautiful butterflies symmetrically designed
pinned to the wall amidst soundless whines
did not ask to be unceremoniously displayed
crying out loud shying away left to their fate

MLMM's Saturday Mix
Grace at d'Verse's OLN's #235


  1. Some use the beauty in a way not grand for said beauty

  2. Flout your beauty too much and you'll be sorry!

  3. I have seen those butterflies pinned & displayed, sadly-