Thursday, November 1, 2018

the brilliance of a supple physical attribute

                                                                                Attribution: pexels-photo 268
Image: A Pose of Present Times (here)

the 11 of 12 given words:
cool swings, slides break happy test 
syrup rule homework first despair

the brilliance of a supple physical attribute
can never be underestimated when called upon
even in light waltzing, the affirmation contributes
greatly to the strength and poetry of movements

cool ballroom grace will mask a pin-drop sound
not the swing and slides of rock or break-dancing
light music and flow of happy couples in unison
very much an oldies' attraction of favorite showing

in recent times the Gangnam style took it by storm
the test of the syrup was in its expressed popularity
it made its mark as the easiest of all dancing forms
as a rule an early demise is due usually to simplicity

lots of homework and learning for first-timers
will help though to avert frustrations and despair
smoothness and elegance of style are clearly stunners
focused on the lithe and agility of a dancing pair

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  1. Beautiful poem of a dancer! You sound like you could be the teacher!

  2. That's a humdinger of a title, Hank, and it had me wondering if it was about gymnastics or break dancing - and then I saw the words 'light waltzing' and didn't feel quite so intimidated!

  3. This was really beautiful Hank. Poetry at it's best.


  4. Sure takes a lot to be able to get to where you want physically, but it can be done.

  5. Love the way you tied it to the movements and bodily strength...

  6. Your words are as lovely as the Gangnam style you speak so eloquently of!!❤️

  7. Yes, "smoothness and elegance of style " can be stunning.

  8. Amazing what the body can be capable of....

  9. Smooth work with a partner is complicated and beautiful and always.looks deceptively easy, but strengthens bonds. Your poem waltzes beautifully 💃🏻