Friday, May 19, 2017

it had been a good game

                                                                             Author: Steve Jurvetson
Image: A Few pointers at the 18th
before teeing off (here)

looking down the fairway at the
18th tee with the legs locked up
it had been a good game

for the past two-and- a- half hours
we were pitting our prowess against
each other below a clear blue sky

Much too hot where even the dark
glasses were complaining at the
rivulets of sweat clouding the vision

beautiful flowers though brightened
up to greet the flight where crows
and sparrows kept company in
the bushes darting out occasionally
upon our presence

pairs of black swans at the nearby
lake gliding leisurely while we golfers
were sweltering and thinking of the cool
refreshments at the end of the game

Susie's at Real Toad's - bits of inspiration


  1. A Good Game, a good verse, well done Hank.


  2. The reward of cool drinks, yeah. Reminds me of when my children were so much younger and we used to take them to walk around The Queens Park Savannah, after I got home from work. At the end our walk, we would buy coconut water and roasted corn on con.

  3. After the game comes the relief of drinks indeed taking seed.

  4. You paint a wonderful picture with your words.

  5. I have never played golf, but would love a view of black swans

  6. This is so vividly depicted, sigh you make me want to try golf! :)

  7. Sounds like a hot day, but an awesome one.

  8. Nice reflection. We people may have forgotten something.

  9. I can play mini-golf does that count ;) I think a refreshing drink might be just what the golfers will need when finished.

  10. Oh my, it sounds light it was a stifling day for golf. Thanks so much for writing for the prompt!!