Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Prophecy

                                                                                                   Author: theilr
Image: The Mayan Zodiac Circle
Sourced through Wikimedia Commons (here)
Note: It has been variously reported to happen on Dec 21st while others mentioned Dec 23rd. Anyway, does it really matter!

Treading softly in the clouds
of heaven's hinterland. Wondering
ecstatically of nature's clout
Having savored to one's desires
of ravenous appetite to fullness

What are there to test one's resolve
Purporting to echo a superhero of
countless victories with notions
of saving the world from disaster

What bunkum the Mayans are keen
to flaunt. An epoch-making prediction of
catastrophes, disasters and obliteration
of the clockwork ethics that makes the world
go round. The gullible not prepared
for hardships chose to end it all
cheating D-Day just days away

The sun will rise again the morning
of the 22nd ( or 24th)  A belief of Providence's
wonder! No change at all. None in heaven's name!

Written for 3WW with the words softly, echo and hardships and d'Verse OpenLinkNight week75


  1. it is scary that there are those killing themselves rather than face this day...i was talking with several students yesterday about it...and if it does, there is nothing to be done...and if it doesnt there is life to be lived....

  2. Everyone thought there would be a huge calamity on Dec 31st 1999 because we were entering a new millennium. Nothing happened, the date changed and on we went regardless. If this prophecy happens, it happens, we can't stop it, but I suspect the date will simply change as it always has. Maybe someone back then didn't have a big enough wheel to carry one marking time or, maybe there is another wheel buried somewhere that hasn't been found yet.. who knows but, I certainly will go to bed on the 21st... expecting to sleep in as the 22nd will be the

  3. Apocalyptic thinking is part of the human psyche..after this one there will be another..that is (probably) certain..

  4. I agree...I am not worried. Indeed the sun will rise again on the 22nd. Nice write, Hank.

  5. One of my coworkers is convinced that the 21st is the end. I am a firm believer that, as you say, the sun will rise on the 22nd :)

  6. Yeah it is all a load of crap made up by the internet nuts out there, we will see the sun on the 22nd with ease.

  7. Well, you're right. Either way, sun or not, there's nothing we can do. Nice that you wrote about it.

  8. No change at all. That is also what I expect.

  9. i will just live everyday as how I plan it. Anyway, if that is the end, then what can I do. Be everyday, ready heart and soul, is my plan.

    Pareng JJ

  10. Christian, Hindu, Mayan, Muslim, Jewish apocalyptic thinking is all bunkum! But if everyone keeps saying "Tomorrow it will happen!" someone will eventually be 'right'!

  11. This whole end-times thing only keeps us from enjoying the moment. An incredible waste of a lifetime in my opinion. Nicely done, Hank.

  12. It's not generally known that the Mayan Zodiac is so named because a great chief of that nation cried out "It's Mayan! Not yours, Mayan!"
    Or so I was told...

  13. Scary how all these people worry about this. Even if it were to happen (which I don't believe it will) then there's nothing you could do

  14. Excellent!
    The worst of all these stupid prophecies is that some people believe in them.
    The Earth, our Universe and all the rest of universes we don't know are ruled by their own laws, nothing to do with our narrow minds. Some scientists think they know, but they know nothing at all, just a minimum part of the whole Creation.
    My motto is same as Socrates', I only know that I know nothing.
    I only believe in God and His infinity wisdom, nothing to do with mine. Time and dates mean nothing to our Creator.
    Thanks for sharing your writings all through the year.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  15. True enough. Actually, because the Mayans didn't allow for leap years the world ended sometime in May. But no-one noticed.

  16. I"m with you - the sun will rise again!

  17. I'm in the camp of: no one really knows...not even the Mayans. Great write Hank!

  18. Well we're planning to celebrate my husband's 49th birthday on the 22nd...quietly at home...not worried about the END quite yet... but who knows? Might as well appreciate the present moment, plans or no plans... we never know when our end will be.