Wednesday, July 6, 2022

the fast lane that of a stuntman

                                                                                  Author: Русский: Вадим Кондратьев
Image: Stuntmen with their brand 
of daredevil showmanship (here)

10 of the 12 given Wordle words:
child, eye, bared claims gently settling, 
music touched, lies forgotten

Taking cautionary child steps but not slowing down
An eye to anticipate vicious corners and sharp bends 
Bared but nothing wild and not to take to heart
No negative claims expected grovelling in the mud

Wanting an assurance gently of an impression
Would  not be lighting fires without reasons
Rather living the fast lane that of a stuntman
But settling reassured if caught in tight situations

'Fasten the seat belts' a good escape clause
Music to the ears to feel confident to a cause
No lies but brave bravado to stifle opposition
Lest good upbringing and manners are forgotten 

Touched with no shooting stars likely to appear
If carefully nurtured to face up against the fears

MMT's Whirligig Wordle#378

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