Thursday, February 13, 2020

We went camping a long time ago...

                                                                                   Author Evan-Amos
Image:  A Big Mac - Very Unlike Ours  (here)

We went camping a long time ago
stocked with lots of raw and  tinned stuff
but none which we discovered
later had cooking skills
that prompted me to try my hand
seeing many male chefs who made good
and it seemed easy enough
but not so when the burger meat was crusted dark,
hard as a rock very unlike a real McDonnell's
that we civilized teens had to improvise
by soaking them then later topping them
with a generous mixture of ketchup
honey even vinegar
to gobble at them with eyes closed
pretending them to be a real Big Mac
after having burnt all that we brought along
after some two hours of cooking tryouts

Amaya at d'Verse's MTB  - the death sentence


  1. Cooking can so hard whilst camping .....I speak from experience Hank. Good post.


  2. I've never been able to cook a hamburger let alone on a campfire. At least there was ketchup that didn't have to be cooked.

  3. One way to learn, or learn you can't lol

  4. Ha.. I remember some cooking on too high heat with the meat being raw and cold inside with a charcoal crusty exterior

  5. OH those Big Macs are over-rated anyways!