Saturday, February 15, 2020

a new DSLR daring for a challenge

                                                                          Author: Unknown (fair use)
Image: Using a DSLR camera near white smoke  (here)

enthusiast called upon for a tryout
a new DSLR daring for a challenge
spectacular surroundings sought
though used to capture conflagration

insisting on less of shock explosions
interspersed with a soft background
what better than billowing sections
snatched on grounds of innocence

rising white smoke on moving platform
made for slow belly dancing swirls
wrought with unending wild forms
still a picture of sexy twists and twirls

creations amidst changing blue lights
smoke screens pushed by a slight draft
reminiscent of skies with clouds in flight
migrating birds in formation flying pass

a chosen picture of poetry in motion

Fireblossom's's Sunday Muse #95
Smoke Background images


  1. You've outdone yourself here, Hank. I like how you've seen the scene around the image as well as the image itself or the POV of the photographer. Nice.

  2. Amazing the greatly varying paths conjured by a single image, and where our words take us. For me, it was reaching from the mists of the past to what the future may hold.

  3. A great interpretation of the photo, Hank. Love those slow belly dancing swirls........and the comparison to clouds. Well done.

  4. That platform....yes I see it now. Brilliant take on the photo Hank!

  5. This is beautiful, Hank. I especially liked the middle two stanzas with their graceful images of twirling and the more ominous ones of explosions and billowing smoke. Good to read you again!

  6. Love this, Hank! Your take on the photo is spot on! Click, click.

  7. ". . . rising white smoke on moving platform
    made for slow belly dancing swirls . . ." A marvelous image, as it captures the motion a camera tries to still. Definitely an "enthusiast" is writing here, hank!

  8. Capturing that perfect shot in the midst of how you want it sure is a win.

  9. Love the story told, the challenge and all the ways the smoke created itself in the photographer's view.

  10. Oooh! "rising white smoke on moving platform / made for slow belly dancing swirls." Excellent!

  11. A wonderful written poem Hank, I congratulate you.


  12. Great images here with the smoke. Like when we were kids finding creatures in the cloud shapes. I like the P.O.V. you chose as well.