Tuesday, December 11, 2018

she stood her grounds uninterrupted

                                                                                               Attribution: Jade Lizzie
Image: Balanced of Mind Despite
not being so in Appearance (here)

the 12  given words:
nuanced (a quality of something that is not easy to notice)
uninterrupted, carrion (dead or decaying flesh) wrestling 
effusive (expressing welcome or approval with strong feelings)
magical impact dominant regulate input 
chiromancer  (n.) able to predict by interpreting the lines on the palms)

her insistence in challenging vagaries
of the violent weather nuanced in her
confidence evident of any elements
of panic or haste

she stood her grounds uninterrupted
in a show of balance none of a carrion
soul still-born in thinking but wrestling
in her mind without any show of effusive
tendencies but of  a stable nature

such is the hold and strength
of the magical yin and yang that
impact on a dominant part of self
to regulate the unobtrusive inputs
marring an even sight

she is no chiromancer bent on  trial
and error but very measured in her
dealings with honest intentions

can she be faulted being so?

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  1. She has mastered internal peace and balance.

  2. Always good when a lady can stand her ground and keep an inner balance. Great response to both prompts as always Hank.

  3. Ah to be in complete control of one's emotions is a gift indeed!💞

  4. It is great that she can stand her ground, and has achieved strength and balance within. Yay!

  5. A complete soul, is one that's balanced with one self. A task, we all seek but rarely do we accomplish this. A journey that I partaking now.

  6. Sure knows peace and how to let it go.

  7. I really like this poem Hank, it's about balance and she is a chiromancer reading the lives of others to help in the greater scheme of life. (sigh)

    1. Ps love the photto ... perched high in the clouds she becomes a mountain of tranquility.

  8. Wonderful, Hank! It is a balance to strive for.

  9. That is quite a wonderful personality. I love this characterization. This is so good: "such is the hold and strength/of the magical yin and yang that/impact on a dominant part of self/to regulate the unobtrusive inputs/marring an even sight".

  10. She sure seems a woman of strong character, unperturbed by the situations around her! Use of the word chiromancer in the last stanza is impeccable. Ans 'no' she can not be faulted for being so..

  11. Most interesting to read Hank. Thanks for sharing.


  12. Love the qualities of this character, Hank. Nice write.

  13. Hank, no fault found here. I applaud her. Nice working so many words in.

  14. beautiful image and impressive character.
    have a great day