Sunday, December 16, 2018

it was a spin of a kind

                                                                                Author Official U.S. Navy Page
Image: Howls of Laughter (here)

the 12 given words:
drop howl hundred train touch spin 
plan shop wind lucky neck play

he dropped a bombshell
it could have ended
with howls of laughter
if not for the big break

a hundred to one chance
his train of thoughts
were not in touch with reality

it was a spin of a kind
unplanned for the most part

a countdown to disaster

he should have shopped around
for life was ripe for the picking
and he was in a position to cause
a wind of change

at break-neck speed, he acted
how lucky it turned out to be

it was close he thought!
he gloated over his  good fortune
he played his cards well

Brenda's The Sunday's Whirl #382
Magaly's at Real Toad's Week-end
Mini Challenge -  life is ripe


  1. Oh sometimes you just have to be lucky I think...

  2. If you win, walk away is my motto, as runs of luck are rare!

  3. When luck and opportunity sing together, it's best to dance.

  4. Sometimes fortune can favor you, then get out of there.

  5. Sometimes fortune smiles upon us 😊

  6. In a position to effect change, it is timely to act. Well done, Hank.

  7. Sometimes luck is addictive, and that's when you know to walk away. Good one, Hank!