Monday, April 7, 2014

Slowness as a fighter

                                                                                   Attribution: Tulane PR
Image : Microscope use

We Wordle #13:
35 words used out of 36 words given

embryonic, borrowed, turtle toothpicks,
fighter, hatching, jagged, ripples,
unwrapping, fatness earlobes microscope,
almonds,stockings, shame, songs, color,
snapshots marshmallows, pine, sap, dissecting,
snakes, coastal, leaf, record, books, homing
emaralds,roots,unseen, lemon,aura,lame, birds

Embryonic in his thinking
He  borrowed from the turtle

Slowness as a fighter
Hatching strategies jagged in nature
And unwrapping a fatness of earlobes
with ripples of songs and color

He retained snapshots of items
such as toothpicks,marshmallows,
and lemons

Those subject to dissecting under
the microscope like snakes and birds
would need a homing device unseen
to attract them

Perhaps a pine sap from coastal regions
could offer some help

A leaf off the record books
An aura lame as it were

What a shame!

For Irene's hosting at We Wordle #13


  1. There is much one can dissect but still not learn the meaning too. What a shame, close to a claim

  2. The only thing I'd like to dissect is politician. You know to find out what maks them tick.

    How's life, Hank!

    P.S. #No.2!

  3. i am all for disecting politicians....ha.
    deconstruct anything you can find its beauty but also its ugliness
    and putting it back together is not always easy...slowness is
    not a bad quality in a fighter, conserving energy....