Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It is Peaceful and Quiet - a Triversen

                                                          Attribution: Alberto-g-rovi (CC-A-SA 3.0 Unported)
Image: A Mare (here)

A  Triversen:  A poetic form developed by
William Carlos Williams where:
- each stanza equals one sentence.but broken into 3 lines and 
- the poem as a whole should add up to 18 lines of 6 stanzas.

We Wordle #16: All the 39
words are used:

leg squat insect spring starving
truth heart air radio laugh yes but
when licking  spongy cat  gentle
wallow wind blue tree draw
picture silver knot weight corner
life small kids rides heart wails
party magic rust sky silent forever

Not able to squat, standing
on my legs truth be told and no
insect is to spring a surprise

Starving my heart out with
the radio blaring on the air
it is a laugh, yes!

But when it comes to licking
and 'milking' it is as spongy and gentle
as to a cat to wallow in the wind

Try to draw a picture so blue of a tree
a silver mare, my mom and small
kids at a party raucous in a corner

Knotted life rides a weight in the
heart to wails of waifs enjoying
the magic of breast feeding

Not here as the quiet rustic sky above
bears witness to a peaceful and silent mode
for feeding time with Mom is a joy forever

Miskey's We Write Poetry We Wordle #16 and
Helen's Talking with animals at Real Toads


  1. Wonderful! This is such a fun form to play with, too. Thanks for joining in, Hank.

  2. Such a beautiful picture Hank. Also a verse so well written I read it a couple of times.
    Well done.


  3. Spongy cats! Funny description. I guess fat cats are spongy.
    You blended all the words together well.

  4. we tried breast feeding...it was hard on my wife....and we did what we could...
    nice rhythm in your words hank....

  5. a lot going through his head... reminds me of a curious child... also, like how Brian used the word "we"... LOL

  6. Happy for the kid, may not be so happy for the mom if they bite or yank a bit lol

  7. At first the mere explanation of the form and the list from the wordle scared me, but once I got past this the poem is exquisite! Nice write!

  8. interesting and tough form, would like to try it.

  9. Lovely poem - good work with the words given.

  10. I kept thinking as I was reading this, you would have been a huge success at my poetry class last fall. Awesome talent.

  11. this is so beautiful Hank....and i like "a cat to wallow in the wind"...an interesting form too....

  12. Quite impressive to work all those words into the poem. I've not tried this form, but it looks like it would be fun.

  13. Hank, thanks for the intro to the form. You worked it well and made me want to give it a try.

  14. Interesting form Hank, will have to try my hand at it nice work.

  15. Ooh, I like the "quiet rustic sky"! :)

  16. very cool, Hank ~

  17. I learned Literature and when I come here, I learn more from you, Hank. Much thanks for sharing your creativity. :)

  18. Love the form, love your poetry!!!

  19. how interesting, i've never tried that poetic form

    much love...

  20. Beautiful and the way it should be for every animal, safe and nurtured. Cool form.

  21. Such peace and beauty in your words...as Sherry spoke...too bad every animal can't feel safe and nurtured.

  22. It feels as if these words just fell so gently into place.