Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He's Back!

 Image1: All smiles now

 Image2: The Classic Finish

 Image3: The Tiger punch in the air upon victory

Image4: The Champ at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, March 25,2012
Picture Credit: Courtesy of Google images

He drew first blood again at Bay Hill
After 923 days or a 30 month drought
Not a biggie, not a major but it was a big show of skills
‘certainly feels really good’ in his own words

There was a scare at Doral
Tightness of his Achillies heels
Forced a midway withdrawal
But the Arnold Palmer Invitational he won!
And that all 4 rounds were under par
Not since the 2010 Masters this happened

Now the 2012 Masters beckons
Just 2 weeks away, April 05, Augusta is bidding
His first major to add to the 14 majors he had secured
Just 4 short of Jack Nicklaus’ record

The near term is looking good
Endorsements galore in the offing
Eat your hearts out Accenture, Tag Heur & Pepsi
A commercial gem once more
Is open for business

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  1. Back on top of the world I see
    Let's hope he learned his lesson too
    For even if it's free
    Much dread can come due

  2. you know...after all that he has been through, it is nice to see that he still has the skills...now we will see if the character can match it as well...

  3. good for him.. i agree with Pat, hope he learns
    his lesson. he is a talented young man, there is a lot waiting for him. this time he needs to be careful.

    this thing also showed us how a single mistake can make a twist to a very good life.

    thanks for sharing Pare!

    Pareng JJ

  4. I'm with Brian on this. He's a man who had it all but, had no real devotion nor integrity when it came to his marriage and his children. I hope losing them has made him a better man now that he's finding his way back to being a good golfer again.

  5. it's great when someone is so much better at one thing than everyone else, and we are lucky to live in a time when we get to witness this.

  6. Well good for him! We all can be forgiven and go on to improve our ways.

    So..... you are a golf fan, I see?? I like to play the mini-putt! :)


  7. I am in the good for him camp! Nice to see a piece on him --

  8. I judge the golf separately from the rest. Good show. ~Mary

  9. Dear All,
    Generally all seemed forgiving. Judge the man for what he is after the fact. Judge not for what he did morally. Some stray a little but unfortunately get caught and are condemned.
    Some stray a lot but are scot-free.

    Moral judgement is a complicated animal!


  10. The man is amazing, whatever people might say about other aspects of his life. He's an amazing athlete, and I hope he beats Jack's record cause Tiger's a phenom.

  11. I hope for his sake, he can do it again as he is very good at what he does. And for his personal happiness, I hope he finds it again~

  12. Takes some pain to make a person grow--and best wishes to him to use his talent with humility and learn what life is really about.

  13. Ha! Well, I'm glad for Tiger--seems like he's been suffering a lot. (He did deserve it! But it's good to see someone get through things.) K.

  14. Just watch that achilles, Tiger!

  15. Tyger, Tyger, burning bight. Mark 2?

  16. I would not want his job or that of any athlete/celebrity

    thanks for your visit hope all is well

  17. Fifty years down the line will he be remembered in the same vein as Palmer and Nicklaus?