Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Calling it a day!

                                                                                     Attribution: Virginia Schaefer
Image: Waving goodbye! (here)

Note: Bidding sayonara to the hectic Poetry month of April

NaPoWRiMo #30  -  with prompt, to write a poem
of farewell but doesn't have to be goodbye forever

Writer's Digest  -  2014 PAD Challenge Day 30
with prompt, Calling it a Day

Calling it a day
Concise pretences if you may
In not so many words
Finding courage to slush the dirt

Poignantly assessing the situation
On finding every reason
To get the impact cushioned
With the right mix of emotions

Saying goodbye is an art
To pluck courage appearing smart
Not to startle nor squirm with sadness
But empathy maintained a stature steadfast

Sympathy extended genuinely
Bidding adieu but not entirely
Prospects of meeting again hoping
Just a respite replete with feelings

Writer's Digest


  1. So you taking a rest at your bay? Going to hide away? No more #1 lol enjoy your break if one you are going to take.

    1. Clarification, Pat! Sayonara only to April '14 which had our attention transfixed daily for the whole month at many blogs at the expense of the regulars. Today being the last day of April it is fitting to bid goodbye and look forward to April '15!
      Am not taking any break, no sir!


  2. I'm calling it a month. I may sleep until next Monday...
    Congratulations on completing the Challenge!

  3. Congrats on getting through the A to Z. most enjoyable post. Loved this one also.

  4. A nice break is deserved, congrats on finishing

  5. Saying goodbye is an art
    Usually rips my heart apart

    Such sweet sorrow....