Monday, April 14, 2014

A Masters Champion

                                                                                                                                           User: Mbrooks
Image: Augusta National Golf Club Hole # 10 (here)
A to Z Challenge #13   M for Masters Champion

The 28 out of 30 words used:
glory rights song pay pallid scurry
vision drudge towers, sight crow
black kinks dancing green spiral
belly grows powers broke spell simple
myth ripple nose say brother bed

Bubba Watson at Augusta right on song
The glory of it all, US Masters champion
Struck pay dirt a cool USD 1.62 million
For a 4 days' work last week-end

Others pallid scurried drudged all along
But Bubba had in his sight a vision
Black crow dancing above made no kinks
On his game as he towered over them

His ball did bite the greens while others
went belly up, spiraled and struggled
His game grew with powers endured
and he broke the spell with a simple
3 under winning score

It was no myth and it caused quite a ripple
For winning the Masters twice in 3 years
Bubba Watson could safely thumb his nose
And say, ‘oh brother!’ and went to bed
with a broad smile!

Note: Bubba was US Masters Champion
in 2012 and now again in 2014

For A to Z Challenge shared with
Miskey's hosting at We Write Poems Wordle #14
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  1. Damn, I'd like to strike that much in my bank accent. Maybe I need to take up golf

  2. Don't you love the emotion Bubba shows when he plays well? Adorable.

    1. With his baby face looks he easily had the crowd with him and that's very helpful!


  3. Good write Hank loved Bubba really lovely.

  4. what an accomplishment eh?
    def a testament to dedication to the game...
    always so beautiful out there on the course

  5. I've never before seen a poem about golf. Amazing, Hank!

  6. Has Bubba Watson, I wonder, ever earned himself the distinction of achieving a hole-in-one? Then, if he has, he earns my respect.

    1. That is something you've chalked up once before. And it is a distinction that many can only dream of. That I have great respect for, certainly! I just wonder too whether Bubba had done it!


  7. Well done Hank! I sure do love the crow and the way you described it-wondrous!

  8. great dedication and achievement followed....aww he missed a hat trick...

  9. Watched it on telly. Exciting. Great poem, too. Thanks, Hank, for playing along this week!

  10. Twice in 3 years... way to go
    Getting some dough at their show

  11. an ode to golf! will wonders never cease :) ~

    1. That's what I thought.... but, hey, you pulled it off well and used nearly all the words!

  12. Wow, a golf poem. Wonderful writing, Hank.