Thursday, April 3, 2014

Twisting and Turning!

                                                                                                        User: Cropbot
Image: She Looking Directly at her Feet (here)

A to Z Challenge # 3 :  C  for Contortionist

She came on like you and I naturally
walking the catwalk every bit a model of stature
She stood upright looked around
She smiled as you and I but a lingering smile

Was there something sinister to happen
She stood still, still smiling

Then it happened slowly..very slowly
The right hand came round from the back
from just above her rump and she pulled her left hand back
and both shoulder joints seemed to bulge
and there were gasps
A quick twist around and she was herself again

She raised her right leg above directly over her head
Then both hands around it which was still acceptable
as most ballerinas could do the same
Then she came down slowly on one leg
She turned around laid supine
Then twist back again and raised both legs
and brought them down 
until the toes touched the floor in front of her head
There were gasps again!

So it went on with different kinds of posture
her supple body lithe and alluring
twisting and entwined into knots
that one just could not imagine could
happen on stage

She twisting and turning quite relaxed
While the audience were gasping with their
hearts thumbing and hands to the mouth
most times

It was an enjoyable evening!

Note: Claudia wants emotions to be conveyed
but not directly saying!

Written for A to Z Challenge and shared with Claudia's
hosting at d'Verse MTB; Emotions in Poetry


  1. Excellent Hank. ( I didn't know you had that photo of me) lol
    Great read,

  2. Truly amazing, Hank. The positions people can make with their body is amazing sometime.

  3. I have not seen one in real life but this would be an amazing experience ~ Must have been an enjoyable evening ~

  4. I don't know--kinda reminds me of getting out of bed each morning!

  5. There is a cabaret cirque dinner theater in Seattle, Teatro Zinzanni, and they put circus acts right in you face as you gulp a 6 course meal; contortionists are always a big hit. I know, however, how practiced dancers over stretch and harm themselves too often. I swear, I could hear tendons twacking like cello strings.

  6. I first saw one at Circ du Soleil - and astounding it is.

  7. I can turn and twist a bit now, but no where near that much haha

  8. You describe the contortionists very well here, Hank. It actually looks quite painful.


  9. have me shivering at the discription. I too gasped. nicely written.

  10. ack. honestly watching the contortionist makes me just hurt all they get into some of those positions i will never know....

  11. oh heck.. sometimes i wonder if they have any bones in their's amazing what they do and surely can take the breath away

  12. their long hours of dedication to their craft is truly awe-inspiring...a very vivid sketch Hank...lovely

  13. I'm intrigued by her smile, her stillness, her being so relaxed, while the audience is tense...

  14. it s so amazing to watch ... nicely done.

  15. It reminds me of the weird gymnastics we used to get up to as children, and I shudder with horror at the idea of attempting them now! Super poem.

  16. Well written, and expressive! Nicely done, Hank.

  17. Open-mouthed amazement! yes, each surprise, each impossible move felt in our own bodies!

  18. Honestly the biggest feeling I have is pain when i see a contorted body like this... great work on the suspense.

  19. That is what I call being very flexible..I am often amazed how people can do some of these moves.

  20. Excellent intro, Sir Hank.

    Did I tell you I was a gymnast in my younger days? And yes, this particular posture was my favorite, only that my legs were straight, not bent with my toes touching the floor - and my rear touching my head!

    1. Ninot Ma'am,
      You did that? I cringe every time I see one.It's back breaking and may lead to slipped disc woes! Phew!


  21. I saw those gymnasts in the China Pavilion at Epcot and was truly awed and amazed. Well done here.