Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kaleidoscopic and Colorful

                                                                                                       Author: Nadjas
Image: Movements of Colors (here)

A to Z Challenge: # 11:    K for Kaleidoscopic
NaPoWriMo : #12
Poetry Pantry #197

Found Poetry Review:      A Sonnet
This is a Shakespearean sonnet of 14 lines with
a rhyming structure of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
comprising 3 quatrains and a couplet while
maintaining a syllable count of 10 in each line

A Kaleidoscopic and moving briskly
B Hues of bright rainbow colors and patterns
A Forms and shapes subject to changes lightly
B Fulfilling desire to be even

C Life is in tandem with changes secured
D To accord variety of nature’s best
C All the more enticing to the distraught
D Exposure rewarding to one’s own quest

E Can one be faulted for being cheery
F Of character good natured and well placed
E Always be brainy and one of beauty
F Not one to let loose but deep in solace

G A love entwined ideally so divine
G Accorded respect and trust well refined

For A to Z Challenge and FPR Oulipost #12 ,NaPOWriMO #12
and Poets United Poetry Pantry #197


  1. Excellent Hank, very cleverly written and a pleasure to read.

  2. Nice post, what an amazing photo as well.

  3. Being distraught and all over the place can lead to some excitement indeed, or maybe confusion too lol one trippy image

  4. I loved seeing your link over at the FPR, Hank.

  5. Very much enjoyed the second and third stanza along with the couplet. Especially the rhyme combination of secured and distraught, which I would never have thought would go! Very nice sonnet! Well written!

  6. Hank, very clever and talented how you went from the whimsy of a beautifully colored pattern maker we are all familiar with, to the inner self, ending with the divine.

    All light and color making up the Infinite gift of love, life and poetry!

    Great to be here, as always, my friend!!


  7. Hi Hankman! I'm often faulted for being cheery. Don't quite know why that is. Love this poem. Don't quite know why that is either. Let's keep it that way. No overanalyzing today.

  8. one def has to change with life
    or you end up left behind or upset with it all
    and in the end..what are you to do....
    love makes all good though
    when one invests in it...

  9. Lovely poem. How can one not be happy and content looking at a kaleidoscope -- as well as thinking one's life is one.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  10. Hank, at first it took me time to look away from the kaleidoscope... they fascinate me. One of the only symmetrical sights I enjoy (wink).

    This poem reminds me of ch-ch-changes. The final full stanza, about life well lived, about character, also makes me think of mistakes that have been rectified through living fully. Thanks for another gorgeous poem. Sorry I have not been around. After gremlim came a sad event in my Riley's life... so I had no choice but to take it out in poetry... Love, Amelita

  11. Thanks for visiting me at Hank! I cannot believe you're doing THREE daily challenges right now. Amazing and inspiring.

  12. Aha! another sonneteer! You have my sympathy. Nicely rhymed and great complement to your whirly twirly.

  13. Very nice. One can never be faulted for being cheery. Good natured people are always a pleasure to be around...

  14. nicely done to be cheerful...

  15. i couldn't believe your pic was moving... and so was your poetry... smiling with every line

  16. Smart and've dressed the old form in some new clothes. Nice work.
    Steve K.

  17. What a challenging form ~ Kudos to you for accomplishing the rhyme pattern, cheers ~

  18. very well written, and I agree with Grace! it's a hard form to finish it so completely.

  19. Yes, that kaleidoscope is pretty mesmerizing.......well constructed sonnet, Hank......I love your closing lines.

  20. Really well done Hank--I find form like this to be challenging--but you make it easy and beautiful

  21. As a child I loved playing with kaleidoscopes. Your sonnet reminded me of these lovely moments.

  22. Love the movement of the words that coincide with the color play of a kaleidoscope. Well done sonnet, Hank

  23. Very colourful, all round!