Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Golfing Enthusiast, Pro Advised!

Image:1  Azhar barely 11 years old in 1998. This was taken at Sacramento, California.
We were joined by a local resident for one round of golf

Image: 2  Azhar practicing his irons recently at the Driving Range. He is now a lanky
6-footer at 26 years of age. Very good coordination! The club is parallel to the ground
on the back swing

Image: 3 A shot from the front. The left hand straight,eyes on the ball. The right
leg pivoted to the ground and the left leg balanced. The club parallel to the ground
at the top of the back swing!

A to Z Challenge: # 7  -  G for Golf Enthusiast
# 1390 on the list

Unlike other impact games
of soccer hockey, tennis you name
it for we often wonder
The object balls are all hurtling yonder
when it is being kicked or hit
But not golf, not one bit! 

The ball is stationary it does not move
So says the Golf Pro
So it should be easy to hit.
No, it is not! Not quite right

A precision game highly technical
More mental than physical
But the physical needs to be addressed 
For that, one must be Pro advised
Golfers must start with a Golf Pro
The swing is perfected not for show

My son Azhar was 9 years
when he was put through a rigorous
routine with a Pro
He held his own at Sacramento
And did creditably well as a result
To stand on his own against an adult

When Pro advised
The swing stays for life
One enjoys the game
That's the aim!!


  1. Interesting post about sport. Great read, used to play golf when younger but only for fun.

  2. ha. i grew up a few miles from a golf course...and we learned first by watching cause we could get the balls out of the water...its a zen sport for sure...

  3. I am a terrible golfer. Really, I'm terrible at all sports lol :)

  4. My first time to read a sports poem. Well done :)

  5. You're right... it's not easy at all.

  6. Not easy one bit, my game playing it is complete ummm spit

  7. Of course you know I'm smiling, Hank. I golf Tuesday mornings...poorly. But it's so fun just to be outside and enjoy other lousy golfer. It would have been great to start at your son's age. Thanks for this one! His swing looks great, from what I can tell.

  8. I have never played golf, neither do i plan to ;)
    however, loved your sports poem.. its one of its type :)