Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tell it to the Marines!

                                                                              User: US National Achives
Image: If You Must Talk

A to Z Challenge # 24   X for X-men
Writer's Digest: Day 24
NAPoWriMo: Day 24

They can take it
Being tough nuts to crack
Never a worry one bit
Sense of humor they never lack

Take it within their strides
Other sailors see it too?
Yes, and they stamp it with pride
Not a dull moment to view

Tell it to the Marines!
They size it up with care
Only those who let out screams
Thinking X-men will not dare!

Written for Writer's Digest 2014 April PAD Challenge Day 24
with prompt, Tell it to the............!
A to Z Challenge


  1. Strong willed indeed, partial to the superhero x0men at my feed

  2. i know a couple tough marines...
    at the same time we have to remember they are human as well
    none of us can carry everything....

  3. Bravo! My nephew is a Marine-
    Nicely done!
    Yes, they are a family unit facing challenges in their every day. WE need to be reminded of this-thank you!

  4. Very well written about some great people . Thanks for the reminder Hank.