Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dabbling with Pi

                                                         Attribution: Piledhigheranddeeper at en Wikipedia
Image: Pi Plate (here)

Piku is a poetry form where the syllable count corresponds
to the numbers of pi. The first line has three syllables, one
syllable for the second, four for the third and so forth, just
like pi ie 3.14159265358979323846.
One can write multiple stanzas of 3-1-4 only.  Or one can
stop at any point where one so wishes!

3          Shockingly
1          great!
4          Sensational!
1          Why
5          must really bother?
9          Wallow and have a bash of good times?
2          Never!
6          Go yonder and find out
5          There are better things!
3          Look around
5          You will get it yet!
8          True for those who persevere!

For Poets United's Poetry Pantry #199


  1. This looks like fun. I am going to try this. I was sorry you stopped so soon! Enjoyed this one,

  2. "True for those who persevere!" could have done a few more syllables Hank..really interesting...

  3. Wow, you went way down the Pi number lane 3.14 is all I remember haha great one

  4. Hank,

    Congratulations for this wonderful and new style. Mathematics will never seem quite so boring in future!!!

  5. Congrats on this style of poetry excellent job.

  6. I have not tried Piku. You aced the form and it contains a great message, too.

  7. Howdy, Hank! One can stop at any point where one so wishes? That's a relief or else I would have to give up my day time job. ;)

  8. nice...perseverance def pays out...
    and there is so much to see when we look around...
    i will have to try this form as well...

  9. Math and poetry, you joined them well