Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Cat!

Image: Hank's  grandson, Nabil together with his
mother Qaty. This pic was taken when he read one of
the poems during Hank's book launch last year (here)

Note: Hank's grandson came over to the house and saw
Hank working on a poem. Nabil started to hum something
Hank then encouraged him to continue and he ended with
one all by himself: (including his parting note) Took him
about 20 mins

Upon completion he said, 'I want it to be a little funny'. I think
he has the makings of a witty poet - all at the age of 9 years!

One day,
A sunny one,
I went to play
With my water gun.

I shot a cat,
It got mad.
It chased me after that,
I screamed for my dad.

Below Nabil's philosophy as a parting note:

Note from Nabil: To make a poem I say take it from imagination or reality. In reality, you might face a situation that rhymes. In imagination, make it up for example, my poem. I use imagination. What about you? 

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  1. ha. that will teach you...smiles.

  2. Reality and imagination can blend ~ I love his poem, smiles ~

  3. Loved his poem, good to see the youngsters writing poetry,

  4. Good tips! Thanks, Nabil and Hank. :)

  5. I am ambitious to the point of being an idiot, trying both the imagination and reality - with NIL result. Additional age adds more stubbornness. Your grandson has a head-start with you around.

  6. Utterly charming. Wonderful to see the gift of poetry passed on to children.

  7. Sweet. Start them young!
    [He needs a cat-a-pult :-)]

  8. Hank,
    A great lesson in the virtues of simplicity (and authenticity). Thanks for posting it.
    Steve K.

  9. Wonderful! He takes after his Grandfather. Lesson: do not draw the attention of anything you do not want to be chased by.

  10. His poem is right out of his life and delightful.

  11. cute...both the poet & poem...loved his lines...

  12. Hank, how magical! What a gift you now share with your grandson~ I love this post it makes me happy~