Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diamonds in the Sky!

                                                                          Attribution: Brian0918
Image: Diamond Animation (here)

Sunday Whirl Wordle #155
The Words are:
barrier diamond detail power tough swing 
pleat strap tough waterfall zip suspend unit

A barrier to thinking of diamonds in the sky
It is a bother with a detail of power analysis  
It is a tough decision making process

To swing a pleat of straps is far simpler for
a feedback than a waterfall cascading of ideas
That can zip any sane thinking mind

Suspend the unit for the moment!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl 


  1. Suspend some disbelief and the mind can remain clear

  2. Sometimes to see the bigger picture you have to step back and just a child might..there's time for understanding things later! Love the moving image also

  3. there are some things we need not understand or question
    only appreciate....smiles.

  4. I'd prefer a waterfall of ideas. ~ Nice one.

  5. Ah.. to get those ideas in place.. surely the diamonds in the sky won't help Lucy...

  6. Cascading of ideas can zip a sane mind. Yes, better to focus and concentrate.

  7. New concepts are quite bewildering at first until a little key in your mind turns and opens the door to let them in. Well done.

  8. Dead good! And I love the ending - Suspend the unit for the moment!

  9. Everything is as it should be, then twisted sideways. LoL

  10. Love the moving image and it emphasizes what you have written. Suspension can be a good thing.