Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It is feasible!

                                                                                          Author: Biswarup Ganguly
Image: Raw Chicken Egg without Eggshell (here)

fabric facade fervent faction faithful  
faltered fallacious feigning  forestall  
flagrant fiasco forage frivolous frenzy
finesse  flustered feasible famished

A to Z Challenge: #6  F for Feasible

Fabric of his imagination
Maintaining a facade with
the fervent hope of creating
a faction of faithfuls

He faltered a little questioning
fallacious rumors feigning
to forestall a flagrant default
from a fiasco of sorts

A forage into frivolous ideas
worked up to a frenzy can
develop finesse of a kind
Raw chicken egg
without an eggshell
It is feasible

Am I flustered?
I’m famished!

Note:  The white eggshell has been removed by dipping
a normal chicken egg into vinegar for 48 hrs (Wiki)

For A to Z Challenge


  1. Great post Hank, loved the ending after a wonderful read.

  2. whatever the mind can concieve and believe is possible
    we just have to put effort to it as well....

  3. Hmm it may be doable, you would have to be very careful, might get flustered all over again haha

  4. Loved the way you ended it. :)