Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prospects of a Good Swing

                                                        Attribution: Mango Leaves by Phyllis Galembo
Anthony Desmond's hosting at d'Verse Poetics: The Photography
of Phyllis Galembo

NaPoWriMo  #16
A to Z Challenge: #16   P  for Prospects of a Good Swing

Quickly # 16 with Prompt:
To choose  6 words from a given list
and to spread them out one per line.
The chosen words are:
awful buried doubt reason continues curious

It was just awful  to think about it
He buried himself under lots of mango leaves
Doubts still lingering in his thoughts
It was not open to reason
But he kept saying, …’a bad golfer continues to practice..’

There were curious stares
He just could not help it
He was ashamed of his bad drives
He needed to get himself camouflaged
The leaves were a good form of disguise

NaPoWriMo  #16
A to Z Challenge: #16
Quickly's # 16


  1. hahaha...perhaps i need to take mango leaves along with me next time....that way if my drive hits a passing car i can hide....smiles....

  2. Most amusing to read Hank, great verse,

  3. Haha... that would be me playing golf, too.

  4. lol at least he got creative with his hiding

  5. Haha, this made me smile! And the photo is genius!

  6. haha... I'm awful at golf, so that may or may not be me in those mango leaves... lol

  7. This is too funny Hank..I would def need to hide..the only golf I can play is mini golf..haha

  8. Your poem made me smile, Hank! I will have to remember the mango leaves for camouflage, not for golf though I do not play.

  9. This is the most original form of camouflage I have heard of! Now to find some mango leaves..........

  10. Ha...this is so funny Hank ~ A good camouflage indeed, smiles ~

  11. Smiles, that's right - camouflage is the first thing that comes to mind on this photo and you brought it up nicely.

  12. Thanks for the great hiding spot, I may need it

  13. haha... i'm all for camouflaging with mango leaves... and if i would play golf it def. would be better...ha

  14. You did a great job on using those specific words and making it a fun poem. Nice work :-)