Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick to Avoid!

                                                                                      Attribution: H Krisp (CCA 3.0U)
Image: Odd Man Out (here)

A to Z Challenge: #17   Q  for Quick
3WW  -  animate impassioned  pervert
CARPE  DIEM:  balloon

Indications of
animated gathering
created for all

Made up his mind not
part of the equation and
quick to avoid them

Impassioned plea to
be left alone but foiled by
perverted conduct

Noise ballooned to a
crescendo imposing  hurt 
feelings on others

Thomg's 3WW and Chev's CARPE DIEM
NaPoWriMo  #17
A to Z Challenge


  1. Some do get the short end of the stick sometimes

  2. What a noise that can be Hank ~

  3. What a nice series of haiku/senryu Hank .... loved reading them more than once.

  4. we are all held to our own conduct
    and many times put upon by the conduct of others...

  5. it is a good day for poetry. :)