Wednesday, April 2, 2014

exhibit of choice

                                                        Attribution: News International Newspaper
Image: Current UK Newspaper (here)

Oulipost # 2

Pretext of life time
Prolific feeble trivia
Felt a trite cheaper

Warped uproar forward
Verbal exhibit of choice
Cordial cavalier

Replete with rapport
Prim proper embroiled with love
Waiting for whim

Note: A lipogram is a text that excludes
one or more letters of the alphabet.

To write a lipogram to exclude the title of one’s newspaper
The chosen newspaper is  -  the Sun

Submitted for Oulipost # 2 Lipogram  (Newspaper Titles)


  1. Captures the exquisite nature of the newspaper.

    Luck with the competition!

  2. ha. yeah ours is down to like 4 pages and then the ads...i think it might be going hte way of the dinos soon enough...

  3. Nice! I really these lines "Prolific feeble trivia / Felt a trite cheaper."

  4. I agree with Nancy those were my fav. lines as well

    I am not sure if you knew but I opened a new prompt site and would like to invite you

  5. I don't think they will last much longer