Friday, April 4, 2014

A Good Drive

                                                                           Hank's Acrylic Painting
Image: The Stance for Addressing the Ball before the Drive

A to Z Challenge # 4 -  D for Drive 

Comes the day of determination
One is often advised of the claim
Of prospects of reconstruction
If absent for too long from the game

When one is talking golf
So says the Golf Pro
The Drive should not be off
The Golf Pro should know

The first shot as evidenced
The beauty of a good Drive
Will boost the golfer’s confidence
That keeps the game alive

Expensive Drivers  make a difference?
No, nothing in that direction
Just  avoid lay off for too long
That should be a better option

For A to Z Challenge shared with PPF week 4


  1. haha I couldn't hit it 5 feet, I'd be able to throw it farther than I could ever hit it

  2. Good poem and love your artwork, Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Terrific pose and color, and great style!

  4. Great post again. I never manage to hit the ball! have a good weekend, Valerie

  5. I get to stressed out about the people waiting for me to hit the ball...lovely work! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Paint Party Friday!

  6. Very nice piece - I really love the brush strokes in the background! What a cool challenge, the A-Z.