Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hope they get it right!

                                                                             Photo: Carlos Lemes
Image: 'Hope they get it right'! 
so says the wise owl  (here)

You know what?
I think that it sure felt like it was
It's a process that they're looking at

And what we were looking at?

We're still trying to figure out
I had a pretty good idea

We just hope they get it right

It's kind of weird going out there.

Hey I didn't see it good 
What did you have?

You don't want to rub it in
He was in fair territory

I just wanted to be sure

Then I'm just waiting to get a signal
It probably works out better this way.
That's the bottom line!

Note: A Cento, the original article sourced
from the San Francisco Gate (here)

For Margo's Oulipoem:1    April 1 -  Quote: Cento


  1. A good supervisor watching on and making sure things are done right

  2. I like the conversational aspect of the poem, Hank.

  3. smiles... i too hope they get it right... i imagine the owl with their wise, wide open eyes to be a good supervisor..

  4. i hope they get it right as well, but its all about perception...what you see and what i see are completely different even if we look at the same thing...