Saturday, April 26, 2014

Zest for Living - A Curtal Sonnet

                                                                    Attribution: Americo Nunes (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
Image: Happiness at Sundown

d'Verse OpenLinkNight
A to Z Challenge  #26  -  Z  for Z words (not  too many to choose from though)
NaPoWriMo # 26   -   To write a curtal sonnet

A curtal sonnet is shorter than the normal, fourteen line sonnet. Instead it has a first stanza of six lines, followed by a second stanza of four, and then closes with a half-line. It has an ABCABCDBCDC rhymic structure if one so wishes ( it may not need to rhyme) A 10 syllabic count for the 9 lines is maintained (and  5 for the half line) The syllabic count is also flexible and not necessarily adhered to in many.

A          Zeal to zap for power not zig-zagging
B          Detests  any zombie-like existence
C          And set to counter zealots of all kinds
A          Somewhat  zany but with a zest for living
B          Stuck zippers a phenomena often
C          in haste an obsession for one so blind

D         Having zabaglione instead of pizza
B         A light meal on the quiet all alone
C         An abhorrence to others on the bind
D         Well mannered turn-around none too bizarre

C          Just one of a kind!

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A to Z Challenge


  1. Oh this is fun! I never would have believed the lowly "Z" could hold so many possibilities.

  2. No zombie like existence indeed, no fun there

  3. Very interesting form. I thought I figured out the rhyme scheme but then the B lines threw me off.

    Love all the Zs. Great write

  4. That was a fun sonnet to read I've never seen this form.
    Thanks for sharing Hank with the Z zang..

  5. What an interesting form Hank ~ I like the z sounds, none too bizzare ~

  6. a good collection of Zs including zombies..nice... :)

  7. I too love to try new poetic forms and this one I have heard for the first time, seems interesting.

  8. Gosh so many Zs, wonderfully written and so interesting.
    Have a good Sunday,

  9. smiles... having zabaglione instead of pizza doesn't sound bad at all to me ... hmmmm
    interesting form as well

  10. I wrote a curtal sonnet as well without rhyme Congratulations on managing the rhyme. Only four more days...I have enjoyed it...Hope you have too:)

  11. I'm not familiar with the form Hank, but you fill it with energy and wit. Not sure though about where I come down on the question of 'zabaglione instead of pizza.' I'd probably opt for both. Nice job here.
    Steve K.

  12. This was interesting - the subject was very fun, & the form is new to me. Definitely no zzzzzz's while I was reading it! hahahaha! Vivienne (OneVoicePoetry)

  13. You don't make life easy for yourself, do you - a curtal sonnet, rhymes, plus the challenge of z words! Great job - looks like you had fun with it too. Zabaglione instead of pizza - you've made me hungry...

  14. I'm just in awe you can hit all the right syllables...

  15. Oh this was creative... love the form... have to try that. and definitely zabaglione instead of pizza...

  16. You have certainly expanded my appreciation of the letter Z. :)

  17. Well done - and goal well met. Couldn't have been easy but you met the outlines and made quite a sturdy and creditable poem in the process. Kudos!

  18. Sometimes on road trips our family would play a word game; someone starts staying some word; say giraffe; the next person then has to say a word using the last letter of the first word, E, & so on, & so on for miles & minutes. Everyone hated the words ending in Z, like jazz, because the Z section in our language is so sparse. What a fun exercise you have introduced to poetically; thanks.

  19. Writing with Z would be so much of a challenge and you handled it beautifully. I came to know about the new form as well. Thanks.

  20. You are absolutely one of a kind! Very very clever. (a meal of zabaglione, mmmm) Thank you for this.

  21. like Zorro you sliced and diced that curtal, with skillz ~