Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outlook on life

                                                                                          Attribution: Aneta Kaluzna
Image: An Opening for Reflection (here)

A Terza Rima comprising 3 stanzas and one
line with rhyming structure of ABA-BCB-CDC-D
and maintaining a 10 syllable count for each line

NaPoWriMo: # 15
A to Z Challenge: #15    O for Outlook

A          Look to the future a peek now perceived
B          None can be denied but one’s destiny
A          Dare say clamoring lots to be achieved

B          A look at life reveals some infamy
C          But care to deny is sad episode
B          Released tensions under close scrutiny

C          Lest allowed to simmer may just explode
D         Responsible beings where are you now
C         Outlook on life to unfairly unload

D         Not likely but stamp it hard with a vow

For NaPoWriMo to be shared with A to Z Challenge


  1. Wonderful words Hank and so very true.


  2. we def need to unload
    before things blow
    because then the mess is all the worse.

  3. Outlook can be crappy or grand, all depends, most times, on how we look

  4. The image, title and your words work very well together. Thank you for sharing your Terza Rima – and for the information. I may just attempt one myself.

  5. We have to acknowledge things if we are ever to get passed them

  6. gotta relieve that stress and stay even keeled, for certain ~

  7. So beautiful and true, very lovely Hank!

  8. I love the first line about looking to the future.