Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Masterpiece

                                                         Artist : JB Simeon Chardin
Image: Still Life (here)

A to Z Challenge #1  -  A for Art
kaykuala # 1457 in the list

Art in all of its domain
Intrinsic but more visually pleasing
Splash of colors to ignite the imagination
Of what should be

Is it an ideology or an illustration
Of a landscape, still life and portrait
Or is it an abstract and deviant art
That calls it into question
That can be

Art in all its intensity
To whet the appetite
of the curiosity
In its immediate vicinity
In all of the brilliance
of colors that be

Transfixed in the mind
Of various shades and hues
Serene or torrid
As what the artist proposes
it to be

Submitted for Nicole's hosting at A to Z Challenge #1 - A


  1. art is in the eye of a beholder...smiles...there is art in most everything
    if one is willing to look...but there are some that def wont see the art in it...and that is ok...smiles.

  2. Art can say different things to different people, look at you going all a to z too