Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charmingly Happy!

Image:1 Adura, Shadah and Hafidz in front of the General Electric's Attraction

Image: 2  Hafidz posing with the Epcot 'Golf Ball' in the background

NaPoWriMo:  Day # 3  -  Charm

Sunny Florida
Here we are!
Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center
It can't be better
It is going to be fun
An enjoyable one!

Note: Today Elizabeth wants a rhyming charm. Hank
created a simple one above together with a Free Verse below

Sunny Florida and it was all enthusiasm
Way back many years ago
Hank was driving the rented car
Hank’s loving wife Shadah sitting in front
Our King’s pair, Adura and Hafidz
Sitting at the back

Nothing could stop the excitement
They had charmingly got both their
parents ( Hank and Mrs) to
head southwards
They were charmingly happy!

We had lodged at Kissimmee upon
arrival the evening before
That morning we were headed
towards Disney World barely a few
kilometers away

Then it happened!
The car behind was having its lights on
not flashing  but on
it seemed odd

When it got nearer the passenger
on the right flashed out a card
It was a signal for Hank to stop
It was a Police Car!

I was not speeding
never breached 55 mph
I had followed faithfully
the traffic signs
What could be wrong?

An Officer came to the side
Hank unwound the car windows
He started writing for what looked
like a ticket

Then looking stern but with a tinge
of a smile he asked

 A rental car?
This is a ticket!
Why officer?
No not for you. It’s for the rental
Company. They would have to fix
up the tail lights. The signal was
not flashing when you were taking
the turn just now!
Thanks officer

Phew! What a relief!
And the officer was charmingly polite!

For Elizabeth's hosting at NaPoWriMo and
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry 


  1. whew...that will get your heart beating...hahaha
    that sinking feeling when the lights come on....
    hope you enjoyed florida...i lived about an hour
    from there when i was in florida....

    1. Oh yes we did, Brian! We covered Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center,Circus World (now defunct) Busch Gardens (Tampa) and some few others. Adults enjoyed more apparently!


  2. haha oh that would suck indeed. But then a sigh of relief sure comes due.

  3. A great time seemed to be had by all

  4. A charming police officer... that'll be the day.

  5. Ha.. I have been stopped twice.. But got by with a warning both times. A swede can't really drive after all ;-)

  6. Glad you are not writing poems from jail Hank:)

  7. Nice charm at the beginning, it sounds like a mantra to me. Amusing and sweet story about the charming police officer.

  8. Enough to make you sit up and take notice of the strictness over there.
    I bet you needed a strong coffee after that.

  9. What a story, Hank! How frightening to have a police officer stop you, especially in a different country. Glad it was nothing YOU did. And, on top of that, the experience provided you with a good poem!! I am sure you enjoyed your time at Disney World!

  10. Thank Goodness, the fine was meant for the Rental company. Smiles...Disney world--Wow!!....this is one place I want to visit...sometime, I 'll be there, Hank. Amen.
    Beautiful tale...enjoyed it.

  11. You recount your adventure with such enthusiasm, Hank. Makes me think of my own visit to Epcot centre a lifetime ago.

  12. quite an adventure ... however all's well that ends well....enjoyable lines Hank.. :)

  13. O, Hank! So charmingly nice poems - short and free verse. Was worried a little , when the light followed you...whew..hope you enjoyed the vacation!

  14. :-) cute, witty, and charming!

  15. That is a relief! Glad you had a great vacation Hank!

  16. Lovely twist. My, it must have been such a relief to Hank to know that the ticket was not for him.

  17. Oh thank heavens! I was worried from the minute the car started flashing lights......luckily, not carjackers or gangsters, but a polite policeman! It must have been such a wonderful trip - such great memories.......

  18. This is sweet with memories!

  19. You must've been relieved! ;)

  20. Charming, and then some. May this be your worst police encounter ever.