Thursday, May 1, 2014

mysteries hidden from view!

                                                                                                  Artist: Cheryl Kellar
Image:  Time to Bloom  (here)

Grace introduced the most colorful paintings of Cheryl Kellar
who graciously allowed us choice of her paintings as an inspiration
for a poem

Painting chosen: Entitled 'Time to Bloom' but I see a most colorful
entrance of a cave by the side of a cliff

From far below we could see the bare outline
Not that distinct nor necessity for a quarantine
But close enough to discern the insides so damp
Dramatic hard climb scaling rocks in the offing

Skipped across a ridge and jagged shoulders
True enough there was what looked like a cavern
Guarded menacingly by two huge pink boulders
With bated breath we approached the entrance

Having passed the rows of lush green bushes
Outside walls above of subdued pastel hues
Darkness inside acrid pitch black enhanced the urge
To unravel what mysteries hidden from view

For Grace's hosting at d"Verse and
Thomg's at  3WW with words acrid,  dramatic, quarantine


  1. You had me at mysteries! I'm always in for a good mystery! Great read, very smooth.

  2. see - that is what i love about abstract paintings - everyone sees something different in them... when we were kids we were always searching for caves to discover...and made up some pretty weird stories about them as well...smiles

  3. like finding a hidden treasure...its cool...i would def want to explore...i had similar thoughts on that picture as well...i love a good bit of mystery and magic...

  4. Each can look and find their own mystery indeed that can take seed

  5. Not so sure I'd have ventured inside, no matter how beautiful the surroundings... *smile* Beautiful write!

  6. Reading about unraveling hidden mysterious is fascinating but I would not dare venture close to unravel them. lovely poem.

  7. A mystery that cries out to be solved

  8. A beautiful painting and a fascinating poem.
    My story is here.

  9. Pink boulders.... I don't think I've ever come across any of those in my blue kingdom, Hank. Now, why is that? See, I love a good mystery... :)

    1. You can put some additional colors into your surroundings. Blue and pink will end up with somewhat pinkish purplish blue perhaps! That can be one of the mysteries!


  10. Very intrigued to know what lies beneath the blossom!!

  11. I hope there's a sequel, I want to know what happened.