Thursday, May 8, 2014

The IWSG to the Fore!

Image: Courtesy of Alex's (here)

What insecurity plagues you today? How can we help? A  burning question from Alex!

First off, it’s most noble of Alex and team to venture out to help the insecure many in blogosphere.  Hank for one is most happy to participate. Came in late into IWSG but looking into what is on offer it is most opportune and educational. Not schooled in the rudiments of Poetry and creative writing for  Hank IWSG is a whiff of freshness. Hank would like to delve into some aspects of Poetry writing which had been playing in his mind.

1. Colloquial Terminology
Hank is wondering on acceptable word craft.  Usage of words ought to have some semblance of respectability and propriety. It should reflect some formal use and sounds proper to the ear. Some words might be construed as appropriate to use and others should be avoided.  Hank had used the phrase ‘ night of boozing’  which could be written alternatively as ‘night of drinking’ or ‘night of heavy drinking’ if emphasis was needed.  Or sometimes even the simple ‘ok’ as an expression .

Is it therefore acceptable under normal circumstances to use ‘boozing’, ‘ok’ and a few others?  Somehow  a colloquial expression  appears out of sync

2. Writing In  Lighter Vein
Pat Hatt who writes It's Rhyme Time gets away with it. Writing in a fun way and whimsical in nature one looks forward to Pat’s awesome humor.  Not many can do it with such finesse and Hank looks forward to Pat’s blog everyday!  It is not Pat if ‘rhyming ass’ is not mentioned at the bottom of his posting. It’s Pat’s trade mark! But in some writings (not Pat’s) the ‘f’ word is used
Wonder if it is appropriate and acceptable

3. Meter and Emphasis in Sonnet Writing
Recently Tony invited us at d’Verse to write on sonnets and he provided 3 variations of sonnet forms. After reading through some of the postings one realizes the meter count and the ‘ta Dum’ flow counts a lot in making it smooth reading. It’s somewhat technical  and confusing to the unaccustomed. Is there a YouTube video on this?

Submitted for Alex's IWSG


  1. I don't know about poetry, but boozing is acceptable in prose.
    Pat is the master of humor.
    Would I use the F bomb? Not in print. (Out of print? Hey, I'm not pure...)
    And perhaps there are videos that use the meter count for music. Might help set a pace.
    Welcome to the IWSG, Hank!

  2. haha yeah just let it flow at my show. I think the only swears I've used is what rhymes with it and itch, besides my ending of course. But that is only when they truly fit. F bomb I say and may have used it in comments where they said it for a post, but don't use it at my blog as I find it can seem like you are trying to force humor on people by copping out and using it. Plus f this and f that gets old after a while. And yeah I can get away with anything lol I think it is acceptable to use them, just with anything have to find the right time.

  3. i think as you are writing you have to consider the audience...coloquial expressions may work, but many are locally driven and may not be understood by people outside of the culture...

  4. I had a not so nice comment this week, not about my poem but about me as a person, I feel more insecure now.

  5. you listed them well Hank, hello from Kuala Lumpur :)

  6. Pat sure can get away with anything. Audience is key really.