Friday, May 9, 2014

burnt a hole in his pockets

                                                                                                    Author:  Herbert T
Image: What are we waiting for...let's party! (here)

3WW -  burn hue moral

The Boy who burnt a hole in his pockets
Sat wondering on what exactly happened
With faraway looks eyes watery in its sockets
Assuming the ocean’s waves comprehend

Likened to his cat’s tongue lapping incessantly
Hues of leisure and pleasure with friends
Who faithfully helped themselves to his money
Leaving him all by himself to lament

The Boy who burnt his fingers
Trying out new things that such friends bought
Despite advice against from his elders
Conscience contending his mind to wrought

The Boy who burnt his bridges
From old relationships not worth a dime
Moral now being careful in accepting feelers
From those kinds who pose as friends

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  1. sometimes you have to be burnt to learn, well put

  2. Yep, some friends are not much of a friend at all, burn those bridges and save your wallet

  3. burnt pockets, burnt fingers, burnt bridges – ah, the life lessons the young must learn, often exact a heavy price.

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  5. At least he's once burned twice shy. I know some people who never do learn.

  6. Have to be careful to those people with bad intentions ~ I like the picture though, smiles ~ Happy weekend Hank ~


  7. There are so many different ways to be burnt and I think you've put them all into perspective here. Well done!

  8. Old relationships not worth a dime... Sounds pretty familiar to me, Hank.

  9. Once bitten twice shy and now the boy is wary of forging friendships.

  10. Fair weather friends...we have all had them. It is sad that people do not place value on old relationships. Good poem Hank !