Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Rodovia dos Imigrantes

                                                                                      Image by Loggan 11
Image: The Highway (here)

The Rodovia dos Imigrantes (Immigrant’s Highway) inaugurated
in 1974 is an engineering feat. The highway connects the city of
São Paulo to the Atlantic coast It was built above the lush tropical
forests. For just a short stretch of 58.5 km it has 44 viaducts,
7 ‘high strutting’ bridges and 11, some extremely long tunnels

A shadorma comprises six non-rhyming lines
and a syllable pattern of  3-5-3-3-7-5.

3              Brazilian
5              Immigrant's highway
3              Snakes along
3              lush forests
7              Connects Sao Paulo to sea
5              Engineering feat

Note: A shadorma but with a different
photo from the one provided

For Bastet's shadorma photo prompt at
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  1. Wow! Nice poetic engineering to match the feat

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. Nice form, like how it snakes along. One big highway

  3. A lovely shadorma and a great photo! Liked how you put this together! Thanks for participating! Bastet!

  4. This is so beautiful...the words and the photo. I have a friend from Sao Paulo who moved to Florianopolis...Thank you for sharing this about the bridge.

  5. Beautiful photograph and wonderful shadorma!

  6. its a very cool looks a bit like a roller coaster....

  7. Just goes to show the versatility of this form. Love what you've done here!