Monday, May 5, 2014

Bane of Players

                                                                    Author: Unknown, 1908
Image:: A Soccer Player

The 10 out of 12 given words:
 Seal Erratic Reserve Sprain Chimerical
Anguish  Lonely Tower  Chill Abate

It had been noticed lately
Erratic play dogged him
It sealed his fate

Warmed the bench
Chimerical in his contention
of being a talented player
but the anguish of a reserve
got on to him

A sprain of his ankle
Was the excuse given
Fodder for his fans
Though he thought it was minor

He cut a lonely figure now
He saw himself towering over the rest
But it was not to be
A chill ran down his spine unabated
He could only lament

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  1. I guess when you're the star and you get pushed out of the limelight, it's hard to handle. And apparently he didn't handle it well.

  2. This is a very clever use of the words. The closing stanza packs a strong emotional punch

  3. Those who have it all don't like to lose it all

  4. hmmm Pat's words do ring true.

  5. My son in Spain used to be a pro. soccer player in his younger days. very proud of him we were.
    Loved the write and also reading it.

  6. Ah.. it's hard to be on the top... reminds me of the Norwegian skier who most likely will go to prison for driving drunk..

  7. To be an athlete... there is always the rise. There is always the decline.

  8. ah, we get our shot...and then when things fall apart
    feel its better to have an excuse than realize it is over....

  9. one has to come face to face with truth and accept it and I hope its not politics that had him sidelined...if it is then it's really sad..

  10. I hated being on the sidelines when injured - you've caught the tension ~

  11. watching from the sides... some folks spend their whole lives there.