Friday, May 23, 2014

A flutter of wings

                                                                 Author: curimedia
Image: Pigeons

Sunday Whirl with 14 words:
pigeons, mate, flutter, stuck, laugh, smile, face
need, meeting, north, treat, squeak, report, survey

Columbidae specie they seek
Pigeons known to mate for life
In spring and summer they peak
Breeding all year is rife

With a flutter of wings
Or stuck snugly in nests
Hidden at tops of buildings
A laugh and a smile in jest

Making faces perhaps singing
Constantly heard in the rafters
Can be imagined in their cooing
Deep in their throats of guttural purrs

To serve the ever crying need
Of fledging young squabs fighting
Clamoring for a feed
Within the dark cold ceiling

Trafalgar Square vendors
Meeting requests of tourists
With bountiful packets on offer
A  treat to delightful squeaks

Perched on heads and shoulders
Awaiting for the bird seeds
Many hungry beaks as contenders
Jostling all over for their bids

But beware and mindful of reports
Of surveys that had been done
Especially with cold winds from the north
Spread of bird flu and H1N1

Transcending across borders
Of epidemic proportions
Spread fast by air travelers
With a cure still not apparent

For Brenda’s at Sunday Whirl Wordle #162


  1. These have become so much abundant in cities, just like rats

  2. The birds started out so innocent and peaceful in this, but then turned suspect in a hurry. Glad I don't live where there are that many pigeons. Getting bombed at the beach by sea gulls is bad enough.

  3. I see a few here and there at my lair, but not tons. They have sure grown a ton too in numbers

  4. There are so many now and they flock in the hundreds

  5. maybe there is something we can learn of pigeons in their mating for life.
    yikes though on the flu and such...that could ruin a life...

  6. I loved the pigeons at Trafalger!

  7. You pictured it so well in your poem, Hank. :)

  8. As Vandana indicated they are indeed rats of the air. I am sure we spread enough disease ourselves without pointing the finger. I suppose like mankind they are greedy opportunists. Well penned Hank.

  9. Nice thinking. Unfortunately, feeding pigeons and also seagulls has become an offence, punishable by fines. That doesn't stop me enjoying your poem, of course.

  10. Vibrant - and just flies across the page - a lovely poem

  11. Yes this one seemed to flow effortlessly..much overlooked and maligned pigeons..but they are fascinating when explored

  12. A poetic treatise on pigeons. I like all the angles and images you use in your detailed exploration of these cooing creatures,


  13. Nasty little blighters who also destroy my cabbages!

  14. Not my favourite creaure - there's one staring at me through my window right now! Brilliant poem though.

  15. Pigeons - a peace symbol...but thanks for warning about bird's flu...

  16. Great poem, but why'd you have to remind me of H1N1?

  17. Pigeons are a delight when you find then in your garden.. but can also behave like flying rats... just like humans.

  18. Love your many images. Well penned. I do enjoy pigeons and poems.

  19. Strong images, Hank. I love the guttural purr, and can hear it most mornings outside my window. ;)

  20. I enjoyed what you did with the words, Hank.