Monday, May 26, 2014

Was he in a trance?

                                                                                Author: Frank Dicksee
Image: The Famous Balcony Scene (here)

The 10 chosen wordle words are:

Fig Trance Blush Pressure Sheath 
Seep Spiral Bell Balcony Honey

A fig of his imagination
Or was he in a trance
He sported a blush
A sheepish kind of blush

No, he was not to pressure himself
Neither would it be wise
to keep himself sheathed in
Get out of your cocoon!
He whispered to himself

It might seep through though
But as long as it did not
spiral out of control
he should be safe

He had been through this before
He calmed himself
Bells might ring warnings
in his mind
The balcony separating them
was not an obstacle
He should overcome
He should try

I'm equipped with my guitar
in my heart, prepare for the serenade!
He whispered to himself
He was his confident self

Honey, your Romeo is coming up!

(Whew! courtship the old
fashioned way was still valid!)

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie Wordle #10


  1. ha. nice build up of the will def get your heart going...esp when you are about to step up and take some risks.....sing on romeo

  2. great release of skilfully stacked tension with a light touch of wisdom-

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. how used this wordle!

  4. This is so charming! I agree with Brian I love the way you conveyed his anxiety and excitement brilliant

  5. He talked himself into it!
    I could do that. The guitar playing, not climbing up to the balcony.

  6. Sometimes you have to leap and see what occurs, as long as it isn't leaping off any high balconies lol

  7. You never know where love will lead

  8. smiles.. obstacles are built to be overcome..esp. when love's in the play... smiles