Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nero and Rome Burning

                                                     Illustration: M de Lipman
Image: Nero Playing his Lyre while Rome burns (here)

3WW with words:
massive ruins strains

Which version was the correct story
Nero motivated by an insane whim
Sent out men to set fire to the city
Massive breakout brought Rome to ruins

Nero watched amid strains from his lyre
Safe from his palace atop the Palatine Hills
He could watch the consequence  of his  ire
Nonchalantly playing with such thrills

The other version had Nero in Antium
The fire was an accident and quickly spread
He organized rescue work and rehabilitation
A hero and not gloating over the mishap

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW


  1. Hard to say, all what you wish to believe like any story

  2. He went crazy I'd say. power hungry they were and still are

  3. history is written by those that win...until someone else wins and it is changed...and then we end up not knowing....

  4. Hmm the three aspects, all of em' could be true , who knows!

  5. The victor always writes the story they say

  6. Either version would make for a great story.

  7. Feels as the second, simple and real...maybe :) ~ Good take, Hank!

  8. Even if the second version is far more likely to be true, wouldn't it take something away from our fantasies of what ancient Rome and the mad dictators who controlled her was like? Very thought provoking piece!