Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Being Unfair to a Best Friend

                                                                                      Attribution: Jennifer Rensel
Image: Paintbrush and Colors  (here)

For 3WW with words:
Feisty  Meddlesome Stab 
For Poets United's Midweek Motif  -  Best friend

What is it of a best friend
Not all the time by your side
Though ever willing to give a helping hand
Extending empathy a shoulder to cry on

What is it of a best friend
Feisty little darling in good times
Meddlesome sometimes and an irritant
But a joy to be around with

What is it of a worst kind of best friend
Sneaking with a  Brutus’ ploy
To stab in the back
Or a Casssius’ stance
Of ever suspicious character

But one of a best friend
Who is more than all that!

Extending inspiration
Stroke by stroke in richness
Colorful in softness
Fulfillment of gaps and emptiness
An answer to writer’s block intruding
Just one waiting to be picked
Of various types and stature
Not answering back
Nor biting when angered
To be dipped and splashed freely
When required
Without nary of  objections
Ever willing
To capture my imaginations
In hues rich of color
Though often times
I was guilty of letting it alone
seething with neglect

My paint brushes
A best friend
Always by my side!

For Susan's hosting at Poets United and
For Thomg's hosting at 3WW


  1. I totally agree! Best friends don't have to be perfect, but they have to be reliable. So what could be better than an artist's tools!? Thanks for joining us this week.

  2. ") many moments to cherish with them....

  3. This is such a wonderful poem!

  4. Painting is great but kisses are better. I wondered where this was did not disappoint.

  5. I love the way you make the colours sing and the portrait that this creates. Every person is a wonderful creation of the glory of the love.

  6. there def has to be trust...and the friend that stabs you in the back...i would rather they look me in the eyes if they are going to betray how you look at it from all different angles hank....

  7. Like where that went - started with person and ended with paint.

  8. I friends often aren't in human form..although still as tricky as people at times..nicely constructed..painted even!

  9. Some that become a back stabber did the paint splatted in their eye lol

  10. An interesting perspective on friends....I especially love the paint brushes as best friend!

  11. I too love the paint brushes as friends! Nice write Hank!

  12. Paint brushes, eh? You could have worse friends.